Dawn Founders Edition - Finite Design

Dawn Founders Edition

Dawn is the first mechanical keyboard design from Finite Design. After refining the design through several prototypes, the first limited release of Dawn, the Founders Edition, will be available through raffle.

Note: Updated renders will be available when raffle details are finalized


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  • 75% form factor
  • Isolation mount
  • 7° typing angle
  • 6060 Aluminum
  • Vibration damping pads
  • PTFE plate alignment pins
  • Silicone feet (SKUF)
  • QMK (and VIA) compatible PCB
  • USB-C daughterboard (Unified Daughterboard)


  • Case finishes:
    • Gray (anodized)
    • Black (anodized)
    • White (Cerakote)
  • Plate materials:
    • Copper (sandblasted and coated) - included
    • Nylon - optional extra
  • Layouts:

Plate files will be made available following the raffle

Manufactured by Salvun